Bunching on a frequent service
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Course : Introduction to Bus and Crew Scheduling

Successful operators recognise the benefits accrued through efficient scheduling of drivers and vehicles. Skilled schedulers are a vital asset to any operator, especially when networks are being continually revised to cater for changing tendered journeys, or competition from other operators.

In today’'s environment, the traditional long apprenticeship for schedulers is no longer practical; an intensive training course is a most cost-effective and attractive alternative.

Many computerised packages are now available to assist the scheduler. Our course complements these by teaching the underlying principles of scheduling, rather than how to use any specific package.

The course uses a series of graduated exercises to introduce the various parts of the scheduling process, and the complications that are involved. These exercises start by building the bus graph from the timetables, and then allocating this work to driver duties. The first exercise is a simple 8-bus operation from one base, with frequent opportunities for driver reliefs. The final exercise involves a dozen vehicles, of different types, and a whole variety of journey lengths.

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